The word “LOKOBOL”, in Bangla, directly translates to “manpower” in English, a word which means a great deal for the hardworking people of Bangladesh – especially if you add “overseas” after it. Being able to work abroad opens up possibilities for our people, allows them to widen their skillsets and earn higher than what could be possible for them locally.

Many of our people tend to build themselves up throughout their lives just to be able to acquire foreign work, and the numbers reflect that. These are not fictional tales of what could happen, but facts about what is already happening – our statistics show that in all of 2019, a total of 700,000 workers migrated to foreign countries. Moreover, in 2020 already, throughout January, about 70,000 workers migrated for work. We, at LOKOBOL, know the scope of these migrant workers’ dreams and aspirations for themselves and their families. These are not just beneficial for them internally, but for our country as a whole. The impact of a company like ours is massive because we enable you to look beyond your boundaries, through efficiency, clarity, teamwork, unending support and reliability.